What exactly is a Discovery story with a Hedge?

It is when you can invest in a company, in this case Chilean Metals, that is an exploration mining company actively drilling large potential mineral deposits. This active exploration…drilling… gives Chilean Metals the potential for Discoveries…the primary reason investors invest in junior mining companies.

The Hedge comes from the fact that Chilean Metals, in addition to having two active Discovery Opportunities led by a historically successful exploration team, has an asset very rarely found in this stage company. This asset is a very prospective royalty on another project we sold to Teck Resources that has the potential to produce an ongoing revenue stream for our Company by mid 2019. This potential royalty stream gives investors a hedge in case the multiple Discovery Opportunities don’t go as planned.

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Chilean Metals Inc. Map
Chilean Metals Projects:

  • Zulema: IOCG
    4,300 ha, 100% owned
  • Palo Negro: Cu-Au-Fe (IOCG)
    6,000 ha, 100% owned
  • Hornitos: Cu-Au-Fe (IOCG)
    3,000 ha, 100% owned
  • Tierra de Oro: Cu-Au-Fe-Ag (IOCG)
    5,700 ha, 100% owned
  • Tabaco: Cu-Au
    700 ha, 100% owned

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